Care to comment, somewhere else?

Copyblogger is removing comments from posts:

Normally, I’d close things out by asking you to leave a comment and let us know your thoughts! But going forward, instead I’ll be interested to hear your take on Google+ or Twitter … and perhaps some more platforms as we move forward.

Copyblogger will take the conversation to where most people spend their time online, that is, on social networks. And, this is not the first blog to be without comments. Daring Fireball for one, doesn't have comments.

Removing blog comments can be controversial. Matt Gemmell felt compelled by reader response to write a lengthy piece on the pros and cons of having blog comments. This, after he had removed comments from his blog. He concludes his post:

Whether you allow comments on that prospective post is a matter for you, and you alone. Your blog is what you want it to be, and no-one can tell you that it has to be a discussion.

Then there are people like Jeff Atwood, who just brought back comments on his blog:

In 2006 I said that a blog without comments is not a blog and I stand behind that statement. There have been brief periods where my own blog has been temporarily without comments, but they will always come back as long as I'm in charge here.

Did Jeff bring back comments just to promote his "discourse" forum software that functions as a commenting plugin on his blog?

You don't have to look for a comment section on this blog. But, you are most welcome to contact me if you have something to say.