Forking Python is not helping

There is a significant amount of complaining about Python 2.x not getting a new version update beyond the current version 2.7. The Python language maintainers are moving on with new 3.x versions. Though, end-of-life for Python 2.7 has also been extended by 5 years.

In a recent post, Martin Faassen calls for a Python version 2.8. He argues that a 2.8 version is needed as an incremental upgrade path to 3.x, and that it should introduce language chances that are breaking backwards compatibility to older Python 2.x code.

Forking Python, taking the 2.x series in a new direction, will introduce new possible problems and headaches that haven't been envisioned by Martin. It would also divert core developer attention from what is really important, namely driving Python 3.x forward.

Instead, Python developers should face facts. Python 3 is the future. Make the necessary investment, upgrade your active code base to Python 3.