Closer to a micro-blogging experience

In his piece I Want An RSS Reader/Writer, Dave Peck brought up the interesting idea: Combine an RSS reader with a blogging tool. Combine the experience of consuming and creating.

Modern feed readers like Reeder 2 does a great job of presenting a unified timeline of your subscribed feeds. Now, add the possibility within the same app to create a post on your (micro)blog, e.g., in direct reply to a blog post or news item. To complete the cycle, your blog should send a linkback notification to the original post that you are replying/referring to in your post.

The formats and tools are all available for making this a reality. If you want to approach a Twitter like microblogging experience, with realtime interactions, I see a particularly strong combo in using: RSS 2.0 and PuSH for realtime distribution, the MetaWeblog API for publishing, Webmention for linkback notification, and a unified timeline feed reader.

Personally, I wouldn't like to have linkbacks shown on my blog. Instead, I want a linkback RSS feed, equivalent to the Twitter @-mention feed, which gathers all linkbacks to my blog.