Creating a place for my notes

I'm constantly writing down small text notes to capture information that I may need later.

Whether working on some convoluted task, or doing my field work on the Internet, I gather extensive notes. Always learning new stuff, like studying a programming language, reading about a fancy database technology, or the new web framework of the week.

But, most often, it’s the simple stuff I need to write down, and find again. Like one-liners on how to make a swap partition, or how the &#€$! I can actually make the NTP server set the right time.

Like you, I'm in front of my computer most of the day. This powerhouse of computation is ideal for capturing and managing my digital notes. But, I've tried countless systems for gathering my digital notes, and I haven't yet found a software that is just right. You probably feel the same way.

Some note-taking apps are just too complex and over-engineered, and many don't support writing in Markdown, and only few will let me create links between the notes.

I've written recently about why I'm discontent with existing note-taking apps, and have now decided to realise my personal vision of a great note-taking app.

I call it Sidenotes.

I'm all about owning my own data, so of course you can export all notes in text format.

Sidenotes is taking form, and is now available in an early-release version. I'm already using it exclusively for all my personal digital notes.

I'm certain that you will also love Sidenotes, not just because it will make you happy, make you rich (on notes), and make you content with life, but because you will know that you never have to do the same research twice, since it is already captured in Sidenotes.

Sidenotes is a great tool for you, whether you write your notes on a computer at home, at a desk in an office, or just about anywhere else.