A Story about business

On June 9, about two months ago, I released Story CRM, an app for keeping track of interactions, and jobs to be done.

With Story you create a contact report for people you want to remember talking to. You can use it to keep track of who in the team talked to the client, and about what. It becomes the shared memory of your agency.

I didn't build Story as a tool for project management, or making more sales. Story came to life because I need a simple way to recall who I talked to about what, and when, and what is on the agenda for each of my clients and business contacts.

Traditional CRMs are focused on customer acquisition, sales funnels, and assessment of deal values. I know, because I've tested a number of them, and I didn't find any meaningful use for the "business operation" focussed features. Using traditional CRM software feels like a job in itself. Filling in countless text fields with more-or-less made up numbers.

In Story there are few fields to fill in, and the importance is on the storyline, a simple diary for each of your contacts. No more, no less.

The app officially launched when my business partner on this product, Grégoire Gilbert of Nerdy Makers, shared Story on Product Hunt. We got great traction on PH, and a lot of nice words, but the launch also gave us paying customers and product validation.

Now, more than two months in, we have learned a lot about what is good about the app, and what isn't. This means that great new stuff is coming soon, which makes now a perfectly good time for you to sign up, and try Story CRM today.