Living in the future

When I as a kid became aware of technology, I was lucky enough to experience crazy smart new technology such as push-button cordless phones, Betamax, the IBM PC XT, the Macintosh 128K and the Amiga 500. I grew up on the verge of what became the digital age, and I was in the front row. For me the 80s was a time filed with dreams of a technology driven future.

Since then, I have carried with me this feeling of a magnificent future that is approaching with lightning speed. Though, I did not imagine that I would get to experience the wonder of having a powerful pocket computer that is always connected with everyone in the world, with an integrated global positioning system, motion detection, amazing display and audio capabilities, and high-quality digital video cameras. I believe that was even beyond the wildest imagination of any kid in the 80s.

I love living in the future, and I can’t wait to see what lie ahead.