The new king of microblogging when Twitter becomes irrelevant

It looks like Twitter has a problem. They either have to make the service more popular, or accept the continuing decline, and join the club of forgotten social media outlets. A couple of weeks ago there where widespread rumours about Twitter getting acquired, but now all the potential buyers have left, and it seems like no one wants to buy Twitter.

When people leave, or just stop posting on Twitter, they could use the opportunity to revive their personal blogs that have been left untouched for years. Though, it is more likely that Twitter users will choose to publish and consume content on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, or Medium, when Twitter becomes irrelevant.

For most people, it is not a priority to have a personal blog and publish on the open web, outside of the great walls of Facebook's services. Maybe that attitude can be changed, if there is an attractive open web alternative to Twitter. (And I know that there are many previous and currents attempts to achieve just that: App.Net, Gnu Social, Diaspora, Ello,, etc.)

Think about this scenario: adds a great free microblogging theme, and redesign their Reader to give a more Twitter like experience. could be the best open web microblogging alternative to Twitter. They have it all: An existing infrastructure to handle user identity, an open and developer friendly API, free access to content (RSS feeds are available on all blogs), and an strong blogger community to build on.

I really hope that will pursue this opportunity, and make the open web great again.