Staring angrily at the future

The recent episode of The Talkshow discussed the odd situation that you can attach a flash drive to an iPad using an adapter from Apple, but you can only access pictures, and not any other file types, on the card. Also, the flash drive does not appear in the Files app, you can only access the pictures on the card through the Pictures app.

Whatever the background is, or how you try to justify it, the situation just seems weird. You can access any filetype over the Internet through the Files app, but files on the locally attach storage are not accessible.

From a user's viewpoint this appears to be a significant oversight that Apple should fix, but it may very well be that this is just how it will be, and the future is (as we have all been told) cloud only.

All that you can do with your presentation stuck on the flash drive is to stare angrily at the future.