Garmin Connect drains your phone battery

I use a Garmin Forerunner watch to log GPS way-points and heart rate while running. The watch is great, but the accompanying Garmin Connect iPhone app is not. The app is for some reason active in the background even when it is not syncing with the watch.

From the battery tools available on iOS settings, you can see how Garmin connect drains the battery through the night, when no other apps are active.

I found a suggested solution through the Garmin forums: Turn off the location permission for the Connect app. The supposed downside is that the Garmin weather widget does not work, which is fine with me. Unfortunately this suggested solution does not work, the app keeps waking up and using battery all through the night.

The only measure that I found to be successful is to disable Bluetooth, which is not really convenient. So, I'm still hoping that Garmin will provide a fix for this issue.