Apple Music is the most buggy and annoying software I use

There is no other software that I use and pay for that can compare to Apple Music when it comes to severe bugs and annoyances. The worst of the Apple Music clients is that on macOS.

Here is my list of the top 10 most annoying things about Apple Music on macOS:

  1. Adding a currently playing song to a playlist will stop the music and clear the play queue.

  2. Hitting play will start the music at some sound level, after about a second or two the sound level is suddenly reduced (and stays at that level until hitting pause and play again).

  3. The UI is really lacking. Browsing for music to play is insanely slow.

  4. Pausing the playing music, leaving the computer and coming back some time, say a day, after, hitting play will not always resume the music. Often the song/playlist just disappears (after hitting play) and all you get is silence and a blank play queue.

  5. Many of Apple's apps have the ability to handover between devices, e.g., when reading a web-page on my phone I get a Safari icon marked with a phone in the dock on my mac, clicking the icon allow me to see the same web page on my mac. That is nice, but it also makes it even more annoying that Apple Music can't handover between devices.

  6. Why can't I see the playlist of upcoming songs when playing a "station". (What is a "station" anyway, and why can't I bookmark/save my stations like a playlist!?)

  7. Why can't I click the name of an artist or album in a playlist?

  8. Clicking the dots menu for a song in a playlist I can choose to: View the album in the library, Show in Apple Music, Show in iTunes Store. What is even all this? How about just letting me see the album, I really don't care in which of Apple's differently branded places the album is!

  9. If I choose to "like" a song, why is it not automatically saved to the so-called "library".

  10. Clicking the little album cover will transform the window into a miniplayer, but how to restore the main window? The (very non-obvious) answer is: click the close window button! (There are lots of other weird or inconsistent UI choices like this.)

Literally WTF Apple!!1!? Why is the Apple Music software so bad?

Here are some suggestions for Apple to improve Apple Music on macOS: